Wells Fargo Said It Would Take Them A Couple Days Longer Than Most To Get The Stimulus Checks Out, And People Were Furious

Last week, after two weeks of congressional back-and-forth, President Joe Biden was finally able to sign into law his first major piece of legislation since taking office: the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief plan. It was the most sweeping progressive piece of legislation since the FDR era, at a time of similar economic need. Not only did the bill get approved — with no thanks to Republicans — but the $1400 promised every eligible American would be released quickly, over the weekend…that is, unless your bank is Wells Fargo.

The bank, one of the world’s largest, tweeted out that funds would start hitting accounts not this weekend but on the 17th — on Wednesday, mid-next week. And that’s just when the funds begin being dispersed. It would take longer than that. People were inevitably furious, not the last because the second stimulus payment, the last such package signed into law by former president Donald J. Trump, still hasn’t reached millions of Americans.

So helpless people who thought they were being screwed did what they could: They took to social media, to scream, to steam, and to make gallows humor jokes.

Wells Fargo’s social media team tried to explain their slowness, saying they plan to “process all of the direct deposits according to the effective date provided by the U.S. Treasury.”

But some weren’t buying that, pointing out that even smaller banks did not have similar problems.

For the record, Wells Fargo isn’t the only major bank taking their time with stimulus deployment.