Which Character Actor Is Superman Kneeling Before, Anyway?

So Viggo Mortensen, realizing he has enough money and nerd adoration, won’t be playing Zod, which is probably good since he already has enough people trying to kneel before him anyway. So who’s going to play everyone’s favorite Kryptonian sociopath?

We’ve got dueling reports. One, from Latino Review, says Edgar Ramirez, who has some heat from his portrayal of Carlos the Jackal in Olivier Assayas’ “Carlos”, although the way they phrased it made me think DC had brought the pathetic nth-string Superman villain out of cobwebs. Another, from Deadline, says Michael Shannon, aka Van Alden from “Boardwalk Empire” and the only good thing about “Revolutionary Road”, is up for the role.

Honestly? Either would work. They’re both talented actors who could bring some real style and relish to Zod’s particular type of villainy. So expect them both to be passed over in favor of somebody with box office appeal in Thailand, like Will Ferrell, who will improv all his lines. “BAM! You’ve just been Zodomized!”

[ via the tribunal of Deadline and Latino Review ]