Which Of The Princeton Review’s Best Universities Are Smoking The Most Pot?

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Reefer Madness

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The Princeton Review’s latest edition of The Best 379 Colleges is now available and ready to be scrutinized by the nation’s overprotective parents, who simply couldn’t bear to see their darling angels end up at a school that doesn’t put an emphasis on education. Then there are the cool parents who just want the straight YOLO swaggadopest for their kids, because we all went to college, bros. It’s a rite of passage and it’s a time to get freaky-deeky and forget where you left your pants last night and every night from here on out. But sometimes the Best-Run Colleges or Most Beautiful Campus don’t mean squat when it comes to our… creative recreational interests.

Fortunately, the Princeton Review even has us covered when it comes to “Reefer Madness,” or the Top 20 schools where a new student will most likely check a book out of the library and wonder why it’s missing every page except for 69. The pros of attending a Top 20 Reefer Madness school are that you’ll never be the last person to class and nothing ever really gets started until at least noon. Plus, everything in the school cafeteria tastes awesome. The cons are that there are only so many bongo and hacky sack scholarships to go around, so you’ll need to really work hard for, like, two hours a week.

20) Marlboro College

19) University of Wisconsin-Madison

18) Syracuse University

17) Reed College

16) Emerson College

15) Lewis & Clark College

14) Guilford College

13) Colorado College

12) State University of New York – Purchase College

11) University of California – Santa Barbara

10) University of California – Santa Cruz

9) Pitzer College

8) Sarah Lawrence College

7) University of Oregon

6) University of Vermont

5) Ithaca College

4) University of Colorado – Boulder

3) The Evergreen State College

2) Eckerd College

1) Skidmore College

According to Skidmore’s description, it is a school that “prides itself on its creative approaches to just about everything.” There is a strong emphasis on the phrase “creative thought matters,” which, after the typical session of preparing for class, translates to “onion ring platters.” Congratulations on your accomplishment, Skidmore College and the class of 2015.



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