The Internet Couldn’t Get Enough Of Whoopi Goldberg Tearing Into Meghan McCain On ‘The View’

As you’re probably already well aware, ABC’s daytime talk show The View can often be the seat of incredibly heated arguments. These often happen whenever a controversial guest — say, Donald Trump Jr. — is on. That, or whenever conservative stalwart Meghan McCain takes a rigid stance on something like guns. But it was the panel’s long discussion of the ongoing impeachment process, and both President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s insistence on not testifying, that sparked some of the show’s most heated moments in recent memory.

This was especially true for Whoopi Golberg, who, after seemingly growing tired of McCain and fellow conservative Abby Huntsman’s talking points, exclaimed, “Girl, please stop talking!” Repeatedly.

“No problem. I won’t talk for the rest of the show,” McCain scoffed in response. Goldberg then added, “I’m okay with that if you are going to behave like this.” The latter co-host had been trying to throw the show to a commercial break while McCain and Huntsman struggled to make themselves heard above the other panelists. After Goldberg’s outburst, however, they insisted they were simply trying to “show conservative perspective” for the program’s benefit.

Needless to say, the studio audience was, judging by their audible gasps, shocked at the exchange. So too were users on Twitter, who were as taken aback as they were entertained by the ordeal.