Whoopi Goldberg Shut Down Meghan McCain When She Got Contentious With Senator-Elect Warnock

Meghan McCain has only been back from maternity leave for three days, and she’s already testing the limits of her co-hosts on The View. During an interview with Senator-Elect Raphael Warnock the morning after his stunning victory in the Georgia runoff election, McCain began pressing Warnock on whether or not he would “pack” the Supreme Court to counterbalance the three conservative nominees appointed by Donald Trump. When Warnock attempted to answer that his main concerns were healthcare and raising the minimum wage, McCain kept badgering the Senator-Elect on the Supreme Court, which clearly got on Whoopi Goldberg‘s last nerve. No stranger to shutting down her conservative co-host, Goldberg cut off McCain and steamrolled right over her to end the segment. McCain was left pouting in her chair, and Twitter is loving it.

The situation also wasn’t helped by McCain’s palpable mood as her co-hosts celebrated the big Democratic Party win in Georgia. On top of the Whoopi clip, Twitter has been having a field day with McCain’s frumpy demeanor when Warnock joined the panel. One person is clearly not having a good time in this screengrab from The View, and it’s not hard to figure out who.

Of course, McCain getting put in her place by her co-hosts on The View is an almost daily occurrence. The daughter of the late Senator John McCain has a penchant for derailing conversations and injecting unnecessary drama into political discussions:

While the show regularly welcomes other conservative voices like Ana Navarro, McCain likes to play the martyr by claiming she’s the “only conservative at the table,” which often leads to either Whoopi and/or Joy Behar losing their cool and shutting her down.