Why Does This Couple’s ‘Happy’ Wedding Photo Have Half The Internet Terrified?

A newly married groom posted the above photo to Imgur recently, with the caption that it had been he and his wife’s favorite wedding photo. “Had” being the operative word because once they took a closer look at the photo and saw who or what was behind them, that was no longer the case. He writes that they still don’t know whose face that is, which is all the reason I need to never to sleep again.

At least one Uproxx staffer who will go unnamed (but whose name rhymes with “Ragin’ Roy”) swears he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary in the photo, so I don’t know if “Happy Couple’s Nightmare Wedding Photo” is the new “The Dress” or what. DO YOU SEE THE FACE? DO YOU NOT SEE THE FACE? This is the question that will determine your entire self worth for the next 72 hours.

(Via E! Online)