Why Was Prince Harry Mentioned In A Sex Trafficking Lawsuit Against Diddy?

At this point, to say that the fallout from all the lawsuits against Sean “Diddy” Combs is “settling” would be a massive misnomer. Every time it seems to be doing so, the dust swirls up again, setting off a new round of rumors and speculation as the music mogul’s misfortunes continue to pile up. Case in point, even as reports that Diddy’s properties in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by federal agents riled fans on social media, outlets across the pond were noticing some of their own controversy-magnet celebrities popping up in Diddy-related legal paperwork.

According to The Telegraph and The Standard, two UK-based outlets, Prince Harry was one of the many celebrities named in Rodney Jones’ $30 million lawsuit against Diddy for sexual harassment. Lil Rod, who had worked with Diddy on his last album, Off The Grid, makes a number of eyebrow-raising allegations against the music impresario in his suit, from violent shootings to hosting sex parties. One of the names mentioned by Jones as one of Diddy’s connections is the Duke of Sussex himself, Prince Harry. However, he does not accuse Harry of any wrongdoing, merely noting the acquaintance and how it lent cachet to Diddy in his ability to entice guests to attend his lavish soirees.