A Wild Boar Came Out Of The Baltic Sea To Reign Terror On Beachgoers

The Baltic Sea is not known for its boars, but it is known as an “arena of conflict.” Between the 8th and the 14th centuries, Prussian and Pomeranian pirates held the north Atlantic sea which centuries later would be a critical stretch of water for the Nazi navy. Tall tales of boar attacks emanating from the dark, salty waters of the Baltic Sea have never made it to bookshelves, but for all we know, they could’ve crossed the lips of man.

Now, unfathomable video footage of a sea boar has come to light, and the wet fury of the sea boar is truly breathtaking . Look at the boar’s muscles — refined by a lifetime of swimming in the Baltic Sea — rippling as it terrorizes the gentle, Polish beachgoers who scramble to protect their screaming children.

Here’s the exact moment the boar sprang forth from the frothy waves:


It seems as if the mythical sea boar is a stern but fair beast. It will come gasping from the water hoping to stamp its footprint on a selected beach and local people, willing to topple anyone who gets in the way of its strange, dominant ceremony. “Let the sea boar be a sea boar, and it’ll all be over soon,” an ancient text would probably read.

It’s a lesson for us all — get out of the way of the sea boar, or get sea gored.

(Via Deadspin)