Will Cain’s Latest Batsh*t Fox News Appearance Inspired People To Share Old Clips Of Him Getting Dunked On

Will Cain may best be known as a guy you maybe saw speaking on ESPN while the TV was muted at your barber shop, but the reactionary sports commentator somehow parlayed that into a job braying political nonsense on Fox News earlier this year. There were other things going on back in April, of course, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t realize Max Kellerman’s punching bag was talking about election results.

The latest example came on Tuesday, when Cain advocated for various state legislatures that have certified election results in favor of Joe Biden to defy those results and put in place Electoral College voters who would elect Donald Trump, a man who lost the 2020 presidential election by millions of votes and a substantial margin in the aforementioned Electoral College.

Trump, of course, has baselessly ranted about massive fraud that no one in his legal team or sycophants on TV have been able to claim, so now the next talking point is tearing directly at the fabric of democracy and just putting in electors who will do what Trump says, not the millions of people who voted him out of office.

“It is absolutely unprecedented what happened in this election,” Cain said. “There may not be enough evidence for a court system, but there should be enough evidence for state legislators to change their electors.”

All of that is nonsense, as there is still zero evidence that anything out of the ordinary happened with mail-in ballots and vote counting. None of Trump’s various lawsuits have panned out in any meaningful way, with some of them seeing harsh dismissals from judges, even Republican ones. And while some noted that Cain may not have been expressing his personal opinion and was instead laying out the Trump campaign’s perspective, it is nonetheless incorrect and dangerous to try to delegitimize the election results.

Which is why that video going viral also came with people on Twitter remembering some less-than-flattering moments from Cain’s past life as a sports broadcaster. First of all, the video that made it clear Snoop Dogg really dislikes Will Cain.

And then there’s Shannon Sharpe saying Cain is the one person he absolutely refuses to listen to when it comes to sports talk.

“Will Cain, anytime he’s on I mute,” Sharpe said, barely letting the interviewer finish the question. “He could be telling me I won $10 million, I’d never know. I won’t pick that prize up.”

The feeling was common among other sports fans and reporters who, well, could have told those in the political sphere that this kind of stuff was coming.

It’s just a good reminder that if a professional sportscaster has no respect for what another person does on-air, that sportscaster probably shouldn’t be trusted when he’s suddenly spouting conspiracy theories on another network about something he’s probably not qualified to talk about, either.