Donald Trump Ranted Wildly About ‘Massive Dumps’ He Falsely Said Cost Him The Election On Fox News

Donald Trump’s bloated and beleaguered effort to somehow undo the election he lost earlier this month will likely spill into December, and it remains the focus of his attention despite a coronavirus pandemic spiraling out of control and America facing an extremely uncertain winter.

Biden winning the presidential election is one of the few things certain at this point, though that’s not the case for millions of Trump supporters who believe his baseless accusations of voter fraud that have caused him to mount and lose dozens of court cases in various states. That misinformation campaign continued on Sunday, as Trump continued to rant and rave baselessly about all the ways the election was taken away from him and he would try to somehow return the favor.

There was a lot of outright lying and misinformation from Trump, as host Marisa Bartiromo was clearly uninterested in fact checking any claims about the dozens of lawsuits from the Trump team that have been thrown out in the days following the election and several states certifying their results against his wishes.

But the biggest thing to come out of the interview was the “massive dumps” Trump couldn’t stop talking about.

“This election was over,” Trump said. “And then they did dumps. They call them dumps. Big, massive dumps. In Michigan, in Pennsylvania, and all over.”

Trump is talking, of course, about the mail-in votes that were counted late in many states where he initially looked to be leading. Those decisions to count mail-in ballots after the in-person votes, and in some cases well after the election was over, was made by largely Republican state legislatures and indeed made it appear that Trump was ahead by large margins before millions of votes were properly counted. None of those attempts to recount or throw out those mail-in votes have worked, which is why Biden will be president in January despite the endless lawsuits and claims of fraud without any proof that votes were either cast or counted improperly on a scale wide enough to make Biden’s win invalid.

Still, Trump said he would use “125 percent” of his energy on overturning the election, making it clear that he will not get over the fact that he lost the election to Joe Biden despite his administration slowly allowing Biden to initiate a transfer of power.

There are other things he could spend the last months of his presidency doing, such as helping a battered nation through a difficult, disease-filled period of the coronavirus pandemic that will test the will of its people and the healthcare system tasked with preventing mass death in America. But at least Trump said something very funny on Fox News, even if he continues to damage the nation’s faith in elections and the systems meant to keep its citizens safe while he says it.