A Group Of Witches Decided To Hex Martin Shkreli And Here Is What It Involved

The world is a cruel and unjust place, where cartoonishly evil pharma bros like Martin Shkreli are still walking around free. While the wheels of justice might turn slowly, there’s something that may bring quicker results: witchcraft.

The Daily Dot has an interview with Howl, who hosted a hex party in New York so that Shkreli can get what’s coming to him quicker. The hex party took place on Ash Wednesday, and involved “anointing” a wax effigy of Shkreli. Each participant got to anoint a particular part with the hex that they wanted to cast:

For example, someone anoints the head and says they hope the ego dies, that Martin Shkreli gets over his ego and realizes the damage that he’s done and makes amends. Or they’d hex where you’d keep your wallet and says they hope he pays financially for the financial damage he’s done to other people.

They also did a binding ritual on a cloth doll that represented Shkreli:

The first person bound the throat, so that his voice would be stifled and the truth would be heard. Other people bound the hands, bound the feet. And after that we said some final thoughts, some final moments of cathartic release, talking about how this affected us or friends of ours.

Howl says the hex isn’t about harm but about justice. As for whether the ritual has worked so far, Howl points to Shkreli losing a bunch of money trying to buy Kanye West’s latest album for himself as a possibility. Losing $15 million can hurt, but making life-saving drugs affordable again seems like the best outcome.

(Via Daily Dot)