Election Night Is Still Young, And CNN’s John King Can Barely Contain His Frustration With The Excitable Wolf Blitzer

Election night in America was long presumed to be a long one in the longest year on record, and unfortunately for those watching CNN, anchor Wolf Blitzer didn’t take it any more comfortable for them. Blitzer got on a lot of viewers’ bad sides early in the night with his constant pointing out just how close the race was in certain states, especially early on in the night when, well, not a lot of votes had been counted in full.

This is kind of a habit for Blitzer, so perhaps we should not be surprised by what CNN looked like in the early hours of election night coverage. But even CNN colleague John King couldn’t keep up the act and had to express his frustration with Blitzer’s comments.

As Mediaite documented on video, Blitzer was extremely amped up early about basically every result, leading to both getting snippy during the early hours of the coverage:

A notable back and forth occurred while King was reporting on Florida’s incoming results:

“Florida is now in. Look how close it is,” Blitzer said.

“Florida is close. That’s not breaking news. That part is not breaking news,” King replied.

People certainly noticed that Wolf was extremely excited early on.

Blitzer’s battles with King got a lot of people Tweeting through their frustrations, and making jokes.

Even The Onion got in on the act.

The phrase “too close to call” or “too early to call” is basically synonymous with election coverage, but Blitzer certainly made it his signature statement on Saturday.