This Woman Chronicled Her Life As A Third Wheel And It’s All Kinds Of Amazing

Never underestimate the power of well-planned selfies, and one woman took the challenge seriously by plotting out a glorious concept. Whether by choice or not, “reknowned” Imgur user Sofia Gia found herself playing the role of a third wheel. She embraced that status, and why not? When one is single, then there’s no answering to anyone. No broken expectations, and no dramatic maneuvering to make someone else happy. Well, maybe not everyone feels that way, but Sofia spent two years crafting a cumulative gallery of “wingwoman” nightlife images, which feature her posing happily in front of PDA-filled couples. She titled the collection as “The only reason I go out.”

Sofia often captions these photos as “Friendzzz,” but who knows if she really knows these people or if she’s poking fun at millennial slang. She may simply be adept at finding places where people make out, or perhaps amorous couples are unconsciously attracted to her budding internet fame. These newly viral photos are about on par with last fall’s lonely bachelor party set, and they grow progressively more hilarious.

Sofia’s exaggeratedly delighted expression in most of this imagery provides the spark that made these images go viral. Hopefully she’ll continue to add to this collection. In the meantime, you can see all of her photos here.