This Woman Admitted Her Cousin Committed Arson On Live TV For The Most Redneck Reason Ever

The team at WKBN 27 First News in Youngtown, Ohio sent a reporter and video crew out to cover a breaking story that would have normally been pretty routine, involving a garage that had somehow caught on fire and spread to several other buildings. As the reporter on the scene interviews the woman who owned the garage (alongside her husband, who is a dead ringer for the McPoyle sister), he quickly learns that the most f*cked up thing about this story isn’t that the couple chose to move their cars before getting their dogs out of the house.

When the reporter asks the woman if she knows how this fire started, she casually reveals that, yes, she does, and that “it was because of [her] cousin, but [she] doesn’t want to mention no names.” Uhh, lady, you know you’re on live TV, right? But the truth bomb she drops next is probably what no reporter expects to hear when covering breaking news of a fire at 4 a.m.

Ohio, you’re like Florida’s cousin who burned down their garage because Florida is already married to its husband so they can’t get with you. It’s a long story.

(Statter911 via Jezebel)

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