A Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Spent New Year’s Eve Taking Her First Steps With Her New Prosthetic Leg

01.01.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Yesterday, a woman who lost her leg after the Boston Marathon bombing took her first steps with her new prosthetic leg.

Rebekah DiMartino, who was cheering at the finish line on the day of the attack, has had 17 surgeries since April 2013. After surgeries to add metal plates, screws and rods, as well as a bone infection, the decision was made to remove her left leg. So, she wrote it a break-up note.

“This is me walking, I have not walked in so long!” DiMartino said.

With the help of her new leg, DiMartino plans to run in the 2015 Boston Marathon in April.

You go, Rebekah.

Source: KHOU

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