Yep, There’s a New “God of War” Coming

Sony got pantsed by some overeager beaver at and was forced to admit that, yes, a new PS3 title starring Kratos was on the way. And that’s pretty much all they were willing to admit.

The most interesting thing about this? The trailer implies, and heavily, that this is a prequel. So does the title, as it’s not called “God of War IV” but rather “God of War: Ascension”. The dialogue in the trailer, read by everybody’s favorite Asian impersonator Linda Hunt (no, seriously), boils down to “Hey, before all the other video games, Kratos broke an oath he made to a god. And here’s a bunch of images implying it’s over that wife he offed in the first game!”

So, that’s interesting. We’re assuming the actual fourth game in the series is being saved for the PS4 or something, or maybe they’ll just keep doing prequels until we get “God of War: Kratos Goes For Donuts on a Saturday”. Just, let’s not have this involve Kratos mostly solving a gigantic temple/Rubik’s Cube after clawing his way out of Hades, OK?