You Can Now Anonymously Mail People A Vaginal Cleansing Kit

Receiving an anonymous glitter bomb in the mail from your enemy is one thing, but getting a vaginal cleansing kit shipped straight to your door seems so much worse. Well, this being the internet, such a service now exists.

The somewhat scornful person behind the internet’s new Wash Your Box service claims customers can pay $14.99 (with free worldwide shipping) to send anyone “the ultimate insult”:

What does the recipient get?

A bottle of moisturizing cream soap, a loofah, your offensive note and a message from us that reads: “you smell bad and you should feel bad”.

What’s in the soap?

It’s a Canadian made moisturizing cream soap. It contains aloe & chamomile which are key for cleaning out a dirty vag.

Is this for Assholes?

No, it’s for vaginas.

Sounds like a stand-up human being, no doubt. The service’s malevolent overlord claims it’s “all in good fun,” and goes on to admit “some ex-boyfriends will use it” but that most of the clients are women. Can’t lie — with all the dry spring weather incoming, I wouldn’t mind some moisturizing cream soap.

(Wash Your Box via Bored Panda)