You May Soon Be Able to Buy an Xbox 360 with Kinect for Only $99. But Wait, There's a Catch…

There’s a rumor going around that Microsoft will soon be offering an Xbox 360 with Kinect package for only $99. Not bad eh? Unfortunately that price won’t get you an Xbox free-and-clear — after putting down your 99 bucks you’ll have to pay $15 per month for the next two years.

Doing the math, that means you’ll end up paying around $460 dollars for an Xbox with Kinect, but on the plus side, word is you’ll get a gold subscription to Xbox Live for your 15-a-month. It’s still not a great deal (you can get an Xbox, Kinect and two years of Xbox Live for only 420 dollars) but I can definitely see a lot of people being enticed by that magical $99 price tag.

Could this become a regular thing? A way of making the high-prices of upcoming next-gen consoles more palatable? I suppose we shall see.

via The Verge

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