That Wild And Possibly Fake Story About A Florida Stripper May Lead To A Film And Possible Merchandise

In the world of Tumblr pages and Twitter accounts that get book deals, it should be no surprise that a viral Twitter story is now being shopped around as a film, and potential merchandising monster. The story in question? The Zola Stripper tale that may or may not be fake and seemed to take Twitter by storm.

Aziah — the woman behind the _zolarmoon account — is now claiming to be shopping the tale around, slapping copyrights and trademarks all over the sordid fiasco. This includes a trademark on the phrase “hoeism” apparently, which means you’re likely to see that on a t-shirt or oddly decorated pair of shorts very soon:

The stripper, whose sensational adventures in “hoeism” became a viral sensation … came on TMZ Live on Friday, and revealed she’s been inundated with offers — movies, magazines, books and even merchandise!

If there’s a movie, it could likely turn into the craziest bit of Internet influenced media since Snakes On A Plane. Hopefully we all remember how that turned out and avoid a replay. A Lifetime movie or straight-to-DVD feature might be more likely, but who knows. Maybe it’ll become a massive sensation with a porn parody and everything. People dressing up as “Zola” for Halloween next year — or this year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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