“Zombieland” Becoming a TV Series?

“Zombieland”, probably the best zombie movie of the last couple of years, was great for one reason: it didn’t take itself so damn seriously. Part of why “The Walking Dead” is successful is that it’s not campy at all, but the tradeoff is that it can come off as kind of dour or pompous at times.

Which is why a half-hour “Zombieland” TV show would be absolutely awesome. Even better, the writers, currently toiling on J.J. Lens Flare’s “Micronauts” are on board and originally intended it to be a TV show before the networks chickened out and Sony stepped in.

The only problem? It’ll be airing on Fox. Well, we’re sure that it’ll at least get to show two episodes before being forced onto DVD.

[ via the walking living at Vulture ]