‘ZZZZY The Bee’ Makes Honey Nut Cheerios Hilariously Depressing

Colony collapse disorder is a very real, and very worrying, problem. The video above explains it with a happy mascot and a rap song, in possibly the darkest video Fox ADHD has ever put out. And these are the people who specialize in crushing your dreams with the Scientifically Accurate cartoons, so you know we’re going to some hilariously dark places.

If you were wondering, yes, colony collapse disorder is, in fact, a thing. It’s increasingly suspected that neonicotinoids are to blame, and evidence is piling up that said pesticide might also be driving down bird populations. In other words, even if these things aren’t killing the bees, they’re actively devastating the ecosystem! Isn’t science fun?

As a result, this video is morbid comedy at its finest. How morbid? How about “dancing dead bee” morbid?

So enjoy your Honey Hole-ee-os while you can, kids. ZZZZY ain’t going to be around for long.