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mad max: fury road

Patton Oswalt Is The War Pups’ Warm-Up Comic In This ‘Deleted Scene’ From ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’


The War Pups didn't just bring along a flame-spewing guitarist, they also had a warm up comic.


The Duggar Molestation Case Shocks A Moronic Nation

By | 123 Comments

Is a Duggar family molestation scandal the least shocking molestation scandal in history?


Reese Witherspoon Is Set To Star In Disney’s Live-Action Tinkerbell Movie, ‘Tink’

By | 19 Comments

To go with 'Hook,' 'The Lost Boys,' 'Pan,' and 'Finding Neverland,' Disney is now making 'Tink.'


2014’s Rightful Best Actor Jake Gyllenhaal And ‘Nightcrawler’ Are Coming Soon To Netflix

By | 15 Comments

Among the new movies coming to Netflix in June is 'Nightcrawler,' featuring 2015's rightful best actor, Jake Gyllenhaal.


Gaspar Noe’s ‘Love’ Is Apparently A 3D Porno That Ejaculates At The Viewer

By | 15 Comments

Gaspar Noe is trying to do Lars Von Trier by filming a 3D porno that ejaculates on the viewer.

mad max: fury road

Frotcast 250: Game Of Thrones, The Mad Max Feminism Debate, And Obnoxious Roommate Ad Update

By | 17 Comments

Comedians with microphones talking movies argue over Mad Max: Fury Road and Game of Thrones.


‘Tomorrowland’ Is A Smarmy, Magical Realist Disaster

By | 93 Comments

'Tomorrowland' is a film that wants to show you a Coke commercial and then five minutes later ask why you're so cynical.


Sex Tape Star Randy Quaid Has Been Released From Canadian Detention, May Be The US’s Problem Soon

By | 14 Comments

Randy Quaid was released from a Canadian detention center and may soon be America's problem again.


Zac Efron Is An EDM DJ In ‘We Are Your Friends,’ AKA ‘Swingers’ For Millennials

By | 111 Comments

"It's the DJ's job to get them out of their heads and into their bodies," Zac Efron tells us in a serious voice over.


‘Bloodsport’ As A Mentos Commercial Is Weirdly Perfect, And A Terrible Gen X Rabbit Hole

By | 14 Comments

I tried to do some basic Mentos research for this Mentos/Bloodsport mash-up and fell into a hellish Gen X rabbit hole.


Watch Original ‘Road Warrior’ Stunt Man Guy Norris Break His Femur In This Incredible Featurette From 1981

By | 16 Comments

This classic Road Warrior featurette shows that in 1981, piles of cardboard boxes were considered "safety equipment."


Miles Teller Will Play A Boxer In A Martin Scorsese-Produced Biopic

By | 39 Comments

Miles Teller is set to play Vinny Pazienza, a boxer who came back from a broken neck.


Comments Of The Week: Johnny Depp’s Accessories Edition

By | 17 Comments

Your best jokes about Johnny Depp's accessories, Steven Seagal, and Cate Blanchett.


Has Johnny Depp Achieved Peak Johnny Depp With This Incredible Cutoff Denim Shirt?

By | 31 Comments

Johnny Depp is stepping out of a private jet wearing what appears to be a safety-pinned denim shirt that got eaten by a lawn mower.

#Friday Conversation

Friday Conversation: What Would Your Mad Max Name Be?

By | 182 Comments

If we were a biker gang roaming the wasteland, what would the other bikers call you?


Johnny Depp’s Dogs Are Fleeing Australia On A Special Flight To Avoid Execution

By | 36 Comments

Johnny Depp's dogs are flying back to California on a private jet because that's an efficient use of jet fuel.

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