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Watch This Drunk Dressed As Beetlejuice Wake Up After Passing Out In The Wrong House

By | 8 Comments

A homeowner confronts a drunk dressed as Beetlejuice who broke in and passed out on his couch.

peter jackson

The Next Hobbit Movie Is Now Called ‘The Battle Of The Five Armies’

By | 35 Comments

The final Hobbit movie has a new title which is huge news or whatever.


JägerBonds And The Frotcast, The Journey Continues

By | 5 Comments

We're about to take JägerBonds out for round two.


Someone Did The Opening Titles Of Forrest Gump In The Style Of Wes Anderson And It’s Kind of Genius

By | 5 Comments

What if Forrest Gump's opening titles had been done by Wes Anderson? That is a question this video tries to answer.


A Barbie Movie Is On The Fast Track Because God Is Dead

By | 34 Comments

Sony and Mattel are putting a Barbie movie "on the fast track," because God forbid you have to wait too long for that one.


Frotcast 200: Laremy, Ben Live From Thailand, and Heather

By | 20 Comments

This week: Heather the Glib Lesbian, Ben from Thailand, Laremy talks Transcendence, and the world's best Smash Mouth mash up.


Vin Diesel Posted A Picture Of Paul Walker’s Brothers On The 7 Fast 7 Furious Set

By | 18 Comments

Paul Walker's brothers Caleb and Cody worked on Fast 7, and Vin Diesel was there.


Robert DeNiro’s First Vine Was Pretty Good

By | 3 Comments

Robert Deniro either doesn't understand Vine, or he understands it PERFECTLY.


Box Office Shocker: America Preferred Heaven To The Singularity On Easter

By | 44 Comments

A little boy who went to heaven vs. Johnny Depp stuck inside a computer: WHO YA GOT?!


16-Year-Old Stowaway Pulls Commando, Survives Flight To Hawaii In Wheel Well Of Jet

By | 39 Comments

A 16-year-old stowaway survived a trip from Northern California to Hawaii in the wheel well of a plane.


‘Jersey Boys’: Clint Eastwood’s Jukebox Musical Looks… Surprisingly Not Terrible

By | 13 Comments

Clint Eastwood directs a bunch of Italian dudes who learn to falsetto in 'Jersey Boys.'


Stop All The Downloadin’: A ‘Transcendence’ Review

By | 103 Comments

In 'Transcendence,' Computer Johnny Depp wants you to stop all the downloadin'.


‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Has Been Accused Of Raping A Teenage Boy

By | 113 Comments

The X-Men: Days of Future Past press tour just got interesting.

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