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Watch The Original, Short Film Version Of ‘Whiplash’ (Pre-Miles Teller) Online For Free

By | 6 Comments

Which one of you dickless piles of monkey clits is out of tune? I'm going to rip your face off and dry my dog's balls with it.

#Comments of the Week

Comments Of The Week: Eddie RedMethodMayne Edition

By | 4 Comments

The week's best FilmDrunk comments, including the one who dubbed Eddie Redmayne "MethodMayne."

#Weekend Box Office

Weekend Box Office: ‘Focus’ Opened Worse Than ‘After Earth,’ WB Blames The Weather

By | 49 Comments

'Focus' is on track to be Will Smith's lowest-grossing film since 'Bagger Vance.'


Oscar Poll Finds That 71% Of Viewers Want Neil Patrick Harris To Return As A Host

By | 11 Comments

A majority of Oscar watchers polled want Neil Patrick Harris to return as host.


Neil Blomkamp On ‘Elysium': ‘I F*cked It Up’

By | 26 Comments

Neil Blomkamp says 'the story wasn't fully there' in Elysium.


‘Christian Mingle: The Movie’ Is An Unintentional Parody Of Whiteness

By | 83 Comments

This movie is so white it makes a Lands End catalog look like Jet Magazine.


Frotcast 240: Fifty Shades Of Porn Habits, With Jane Harrison

By | 15 Comments

The Oscars, 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' and it's time to think... piece, with Bret.


Paul Dano And John Cusack Play Brian Wilson In The Beach Boys Biopic, ‘Love And Mercy’

By | 33 Comments

Wouldn't it be nice to watch this trailer, in the kind of world where it belongs.


Jared Leto Bought A Former Nuclear Test Film Facility For $5 Million

By | 22 Comments

"The United States Air Force established Lookout Mountain in 1947 in order to produce movies and photographs of nuclear tests."


‘Imitation Game’ Screenwriter Graham Moore Clarifies That He’s Not Gay

By | 37 Comments

Graham Moore revealed his suicide attempt because he "felt weird," but clarifies that it wasn't because he's gay.

guy fieri

Guy Fieri Officiated 101 Gay Weddings In Florida Over The Weekend

By | 43 Comments

101 gay couples bought their lifetime ticket to Flavortown this weekend.


Kat Dennings’s New Movie Features Today’s Hottest Musical Acts

By | 82 Comments

Kat Dennings and Chad Michael Murray made a chad michael movie about how hard high school is.


Travolta, Outrage, And Dancing Legos: Eight Thoughts About The Oscars Telecast

By | 155 Comments

The "Everything Is Awesome" number was amazing and I will fight you if you disagree.

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