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‘The Interview’ Is Getting A Live Read At A New York Theater

By | 3 Comments

You may not be able to see 'The Interview' in theaters, but you can see it in Theater.


Thor Fights Moby Dick In The New Trailer For ‘In the Heart Of The Sea’

By | 9 Comments

Thor, harpoons, a massive sperm whale, Ron Howard - the your mom jokes practically write themselves.


North Korea Is Currently Experiencing A ‘Massive Internet Outage’

By | 39 Comments

A country that barely has electricity has no internet, according to reports.

belle knox

A Politician Followed Duke Porn Star Belle Knox On Twitter, But Says He Got Hacked

By | 27 Comments

In other countries, heads of state have mistresses and do weird sex stuff and it isn't a scandal, because people understand that politics naturally attracts emotionally needy love-me-daddy sociopaths.

#Comments of the Week

Comments Of The Week: We Missed You, Taylor Lautner

By | 16 Comments

Taylor Lautner and Ridley Scott always bring out the best in you.

box office

Weekend Box Office: ‘Exodus’ Plummets By .666

By | 33 Comments

Ridley Scott's Biblical epic plummeted by the mark of the beast in its second weekend.

#The Interview

Since You May Not Get To See Kim Jong-Un Get Assassinated In ‘The Interview,’ You Can In This Video

By | 15 Comments

If you watch this tacky mash-up of Kim Jong-un assassinations, the terrorists don't win.


Porn Parody Masters Woodrocket Create Their Own ‘Fifty Shades Of Santa’

By | 16 Comments

Santa Claus is coming... honestly I think you can insert your own porn pun here at this point.


Frotcast 233: ‘Where The Juggalo Roam’ Artist Lucy Owen, ‘The Interview’ Release Debacle

By | 6 Comments

Matt Lieb books a new commercial, we interview Where The Juggalo Roam's Lucy Owen, and discuss 'The Interview' debacle.


‘Where The Juggalo Roam’ Turns Insane Clowns Into High Art

By | 8 Comments

The art world is going crazy for Juggalos, as the floors of avante-garde galleries go sticky from dried Faygo.

#The Interview

‘The Interview’ Has Been Shelved Completely, With ‘No Further Plans’ For A VOD Release

By | 133 Comments

No press screenings, and no plans for a VOD release, according to the latest statements.


OJ Simpson’s Lawyer Is Helping Roman Polanski Get His Rape Case Thrown Out

By | 31 Comments

With Bill Cosby providing covering fire, Roman Polanski sneaks a petition into LA County Courts.


Tim Burton Says ‘Beetlejuice 2′ Is Definitely A Go, With Winona Ryder Returning

By | 25 Comments

BEETLEJUICE! BEETLEJUICE! BEETLEJUICE! (*paycheck magically appears*)

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