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origin stories

Tom Hiddleston Is Set To Star In A ‘King Kong Origin Story’

By | 7 Comments

Loki is going to fight dinosaurs and giant apes or something.


Shove It Up Your Ass With ‘Shove It Up Your Ass,’ The Supercut

By | 8 Comments

If you like shoving things up your ass, you'll love this new supercut.

movie reviews

‘Foxcatcher’ Is Great At Looking Like An Awards Movie

By | 29 Comments

If it's a movie you're after, Foxcatcher is certainly that.

double knockout

Watch This Double Dickshot KO From The Christian MMA Doc ‘Fight Church’ (For Jesus!)

By | 24 Comments

Two Christian muay thai competitors knock each other out with simultaneous groin shots.

Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu Says He Drinks 14 Bottles Of Wine A Day

By | 17 Comments

Gerard Depardieu drinks wine like he's Andre the Giant.

Daniele Watts

That ‘Django Unchained’ Actress Was ‘Having Sex In Broad Daylight!’ Shrieks Suddenly Prudish TMZ

By | 124 Comments

Police arrested a Django Unchained actress for doing sex stuff in a car and TMZ was there to smell the jizz rags.


Tom Hardy Vows No More Rom-Coms After The ‘Miserable’ ‘This Means War’

By | 19 Comments

Tom Hardy says making that McG rom-com might've been a bad idea.

#Filmdrunk Reviews

Tom Hardy Steals A Pit Bull Puppy And Your Heart In ‘The Drop’

By | 42 Comments

You'll probably want to wrap your ovaries in Saran Wrap to keep them from exploding.


Frotcast 220: ‘The Room,’ With Aaron Barrett, A Tommy Wiseau Employee For 11 Years

By | 14 Comments

We talked to Aaron Barrett, who worked for Tommy Wiseau for 11 years!


Dan Stevens Loses It On Live TV When Asked How Many Actors He ‘Beat Off’ For A Role

By | 19 Comments

A host had some very important questions about how many men cousin Matthew has beaten off.


The Christian Mingle Movie Trailer Has Two Record Scratches!

By | 87 Comments

Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls stars in "Christian Mingle: The Movie." Yes, praise God, this is real.

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