10 NBA Players I Wish Were Traded

06.28.11 6 years ago 18 Comments
Kevin Love

Kevin Love (photo. Blake Peterson)

Sometimes we lose sight that basketball players really are actual people. We scream and angle for trades, digest rumors like a plate of spaghetti and constantly run scenarios through our heads like we’re trading sports cards. It’s all a big fantasy world. But being traded isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Believe me. I see friends of mine whine when they have to move 200 miles away for a job (side note: amazing how attached some folks get to a hometown. Depressing. If you live in the same place your whole life, you are missing out. Big time.).

Athletes are humans too. Basketball players make iffy decisions just like we do. They snatch that last piece of cake. They check out Green Lantern. And they cry, especially if they’re Chris Bosh.

But I’m allowed to be selfish sometimes. If there’s 10 guys who I would love to see somewhere else by the time basketball finally resumes, these are them:

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Goran Dragic – For some reason, I always liked his game, and he gained serious street cred (at least back in the homeland) for going at Sasha Vujacic. But ever since then, he’s struggled, and his stock – at least in my mind – has really plummeted in Houston (who actually just picked up his option for $2.1 million), despite oddly similar stats. That’s what happens when you fall out of the playoffs. Let’s get him back in.

Ben Gordon – One of the NBA’s greatest unsolved mysteries right now is what happened to Ben Gordon? Where is the real BG hiding?

Take it back to May of 2009. The love train with Gordon was more packed than a NYC subway at five on a weekday. So what if he didn’t really defend. So what if you considered yourself lucky to get five combined rebounds and assists from him. In that classic first round Boston/Chicago series, Gordon dropped over 24 a game. In case we all forgot these past two years while the Pistons coaching staff was busy yanking around all their veteran guards, Gordon has a complete offensive game…he could be the PERFECT sixth man on a title team.

Swap him for Hedo Turkoglu and we can all go home happy. Gordon is the shot-creator Orlando always needs. Hedo is the man to replace Tayshaun Prince and open up more room in the backcourt. Both teams get the same s#$%%^ contracts.

Tyler Hansbrough – For some odd reason, I’ve grown to like this dude’s game. Really have no clue how it happened. He went from being the annoying savior of the American public to a nobody in Indiana to a somebody in NBA circles. No one follows the Pacers outside of Indiana.

Now? I actually enjoy watching him play his butt off. It’s not always pretty, but it’s a change of pace. He fits that Pacer team pretty well. The only problem is that I’m not really trying to watch the Pacers.

Andre Iguodala – *See Hansbrough* Am I missing something with the 76ers? I really think they might be the most boring team in the league and I can’t figure out why. They have some talent. They made the playoffs. Iguodala is one of the most exciting players in the league (outside of Dwight, the entire Thunder team & Hamed Haddadi).

His agent is trying to force him to California. Make it happen. Send him anywhere.

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