The NBA’s 10 Streakiest Shooters

Monta Ellis

Monta Ellis (photo. Bethany Gilbert)

While the sports world is paying more and more attention to statistics and analysis of those stats, the concept of streaky shooting is being brought to the forefront for basketball fans to breakdown. Being a streaky shooter is not necessarily a negative trait to have, as many streaky shooters can alter the result of any given game. While there isn’t an exact science behind streaky shooting, getting the hot hand or going cold, there are players who tend to display this behavior more than others.

So who are the top 10 streakiest shooters in the NBA today? Let’s find out below.

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Once Manu Ginobili officially hangs up his jersey for good, he will go down in the basketball history books as one of the best international players to ever play the game. His off-the-ball movement, including his brilliant slashing skills, will be forever remembered in the NBA and in San Antonio. Ginobili’s tendency to get the hot hand, which comes with his streaky shooting, will also be forever in the minds of fans.

Ginobili’s streaky shooting has been a positive for the Spurs, as his ability to get hot often shifts momentum at the right time and in critical moments of the game. Recently, fans witnessed his streakiness during the biggest stage in professional basketball: the NBA Finals. Ginobili shined in Game 5, which was his first time in the starting lineup in the season, scoring 24 points and dishing out 10 dimes. Then, in Game 6 and 7, Ginobili forced up questionable shots and racked up a combined 12 costly turnovers. Ginobili’s streaky shooting is a part of his game and has spurred memorable moments for Spurs fans throughout his career.

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Monta Ellis has made great improvements to his streaky shooting this season. Why the sudden improvement in such a short amount of time? Ellis is in the right place – the Dallas Mavericks – and is surrounded by the right personnel – Dirk Nowitzki, Jose Calderon and Rick Carlisle – that allows his game to be most effective. Ellis had been tagged as a high-volume shooter with a dismal shot selection who liked to jack up shots on a routine basis. In each of his last six seasons, Ellis attempted a large number of 15-22 foot jumpers, and most were heavily guarded, poor quality midrange attempts. Ellis had a true shooting percentage that ranked 118th out of 148 guards, was ranked 134th in three-point shooting (28.7 percent), and had the worst field goal percentage (32.3) on jumpers off the dribble in the 2012-13 season.

Translation? Ellis’ streaky shooting scared off a lot of teams during free agency this past offseason. The Mavs were the team to take the risk – primarily due to what playing alongside Dirk Nowitzki can do for players – and so far, it has paid off a far as wins for the team and to the effectiveness of Ellis’ game. Sure, he is still a streaky shooter who can go cold one night, as he did in a late November game against the Warriors by shooting 2-for-16 from the field, then shoot lights-out in the next game. Ellis can still get hot and shoot a difficult game-winner, as he did recently against the Blazers.

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