Dime Q&A: Brian Cardinal Tells All

By: 07.28.11

Dime: Are there any incoming rookies that you’re particularly excited to see play?
BC: I look forward to seeing how my guys E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson do. I’m fired up that they’re going to Boston, I think it’s a great organization and it’s been great just seeing how those guys have blossomed into the players that they are in the last several years at Purdue. I’m excited to see them kind of take that next step to the next level and see how well they play.

Dime: Everyone wants to know, what’s on Brian Cardinal’s iPod right now?
BC: I got a little of everything, man. I got a little Eminem, just downloaded. Who else do I got on there… Waka Flocka? A little Kanye. Then I got some country guys, which y’all probably don’t want to know about…Brad Paisley, Montgomery Gentry, I like those guys.

Dime: What’s your favorite TV show right now? What’s the best movie you’ve seen this summer?
BC: My favorite TV show I think is Law & Order. And then favorite movie…The Adjustment Bureau.

Dime: That one is a favorite in the Dime office as well. What’s your all-time favorite pair of basketball sneakers?
BC: Oh it’s gotta be the Larry Bird Converse Weapon, you know the black with the white. Those were my favorite shoes. I wore a hole through the bottom of them ’cause I wore them so much.

Dime: Are you a car person? Have you updated the car collection since the Finals? What are you driving around in now?
BC: (laughs) Am I car a person? Hell, I just got a little Infiniti 35 X, or whatever the hell it’s called — no I’m not a car person.

Dime: What about on the Mavericks, who’s got the nicest cars?
BC: Oh, Shawn Marion. He’ll love me for saying that too. Shawn Marion’s got the best car collection hands down.

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