Dime Q&A: Jason Kidd Talks NBA Lockout, Barkley’s Golf Game & Summer Yoga

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Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd, Dime #40

Fresh off of an NBA championship, Jason Kidd will be participating later this month in the American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe. Although his golf stroke is not on par with his basketball skills, he’s still a competitor. In a recent phone call, we caught up with Kidd to talk about the lockout, his future in the NBA and the night out after the Mavs won the title.

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On the effects of the NBA lockout on his future in the NBA…
Jason Kidd: For me…it won’t affect me cause I just got done playing….so short summer…hopefully they get something done before October. But I’ve been through a lockout twice, one being short and one being where we played 50 games…so, uh…as you get older, to only have to play in 50 games, hopefully that’ll be to my advantage (laughs).

On why Charles Barkley has never been able to get over the hump with golf…
JK: I think Charles, uh, he was a really good golfer when he was here in Phoenix…and I think he just got too many instructors…which got into that big head of his, so that’s slowing him down a little bit. But I think he’s a competitor…he’ll find his way at some point, I hope.

On bragging rights that can develop at the American Century Championship…
JK: Yeah…I think when you look at the basketball players that are participating, you know, Deron Williams, the point guard…you know I can talk to him while somebody is shooting a free throw and say that I beat him, hopefully to piss him off or maybe it’ll get him going to take the game over. But there are bragging rights…you wanna play well against your peers…but, again, you know it’s to have fun and make sure you don’t hurt anybody. But a big thing is to play well…there are some friendly bets out there that you might get pulled into with a teammate or a guy that you see on a regular basis.

On the opportunities to needle other players a bit, telling them about how he has a championship and they don’t…
JK: Hopefully I can pass a note over to MJ that I’m on my way to catch him. I’m five behind him and I got one at 37 so I’m on my way…that’s maybe just to have fun. I’m not gonna make fun of Charles because he’s still one of the top 50 in the world to ever play the game. But, it’s uh…something that I’m very blessed to be a part of and have a championship…so I won’t tease anybody.

On how much he has left on the basketball court…
JK: As long as my body and my mind…If I feel the way I felt at the end of the Finals, hopefully I can push it past 40. But you know the big thing is at some point I have to look to make a career change, maybe coaching or go on the business side of basketball. But I feel great. My first step is to move to the bench…and if I can come off the bench, I wouldn’t mind that.

On his thoughts about the media’s treatment of LeBron in the Finals…
JK: Um…I don’t know if the media treated him unfairly. I think…uh…sometimes we as spectators, we put high expectations on individuals, and I think during the Finals everybody wanted him to score and assist the ball. I mean he almost had two triple-doubles in the Finals and I think people still felt that he didn’t play well…and I think you just have to give him time. Again, he’s gonna win plenty of championships I just think that sometimes you just have to be at the right place at the right time and it just wasn’t his time yet.

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