The Top 5 Crossovers In The NBA

By: 01.25.12  •  14 Comments

2. Jamal Crawford
Ray Allen’s not the only one to get an ankle workout from the only player in the league actually named after his crossover. Crawford’s game may not be remembered long after he retires – a career 15-point a night player on 41 percent shooting shouldn’t be – but they’ll still be playing tapes of his shake-n-bake and isolation crossovers 15 years from now.

“Jamal Crawford, my homeboy from Seattle, has the best crossover in the league,” Jason Terry said recently. “Jamal’s crossover is so tough because he’s so long and he stretches it out. There’s no way you’re going to get to it.”

He’s right. If we’re going by a traditional, boom bap crossover, there’s no better teacher than J-Cross. He says he learned it from watching first Tim Hardaway, then Isiah Thomas and finally Allen Iverson. He has the handles to do anything, but normally he reserves his legendary left-to-right cross for anyone crazy enough to check him in an isolation situation.

Crawford is probably the only role player in the whole league who could go on any team and get put in late-clock, late-game situations with orders being: “Go get us a shot.” He’s unique like that. Does he have the best in the NBA? If we asked him, I’m sure he’d probably say yes.

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