Greg Oden’s Top 5 Basketball Highlights

By: 02.21.12

4. Father And Son Collide At The Rim
Greg Oden is one of the few people on Earth that I’ve seen do this to the best athlete ever in the NBA. When LeBron goes to the rim, typically you’re not stopping him. But Oden didn’t just block this. He stamped it, labeled a return address and sent it out with expedited shipping. The scariest part? This was just a routine block for him.

In one of those highlights that sets itself up for numerous “father/son” jokes, my favorite part is the response from Cleveland’s bench. One cat in particular – we’ll leave him nameless because 1) this video came during the maturation process of YouTube and looks perfectly suited for a pixelated joke… and 2) because he was a bench player with the Cavs and none of them mattered – leaps up like he’s ready to celebrate with the King before getting the embarrassed “I’ll play that off like it never happened” body language that comes from jumping the gun too soon.

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