The Top 10 Movie Performances By NBA Players

By: 04.13.12

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in “Airplane”
This is one of the best movie scenes of all time:

Joey: “Wait a minute. I know you. You’re Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. You play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers.”
Kareem: “I’m sorry son, but you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Roger Murdock. I’m the co-pilot.”
Joey: “You are Kareem! I’ve seen you play. My dad’s got season tickets.”
Kareem: “I think you should go back to your seat now Joey.”
Joey: “I think you’re the greatest, but my dad says you don’t work hard enough on defense. And he says that lots of times, you don’t even run down court. And that you don’t really try… except during the playoffs.”
Kareem: “The hell I don’t! LISTEN KID! I’ve been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I’m out there busting my buns every night. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.”

2. Michael Jordan in “Space Jam”
What more can be said about Michael Jordan. The man is clutch.

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