Miami Barely Survives An Epic Game From Rajon Rondo; New Orleans Gets No. 1 Pick

By: 05.31.12
Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (photo. Britney McIntosh/UK Athletics)

The fourth quarter had a little bit of everything, including one moment where Kevin Garnett threw an elbow at James Jones, and J.J. came back at him like he was ready to pull an Anthony Peeler. No one in the world is scared of James Jones, but hey, you never know about those Miami guys … The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery took place last night, and in a major surprise to everyone besides Jon Barry, who somehow called it prior to the show, the Hornets came up with the No. 1 pick and Anthony Davis. New Orleans had a 13.7 percent chance of coming away with the pick, but who knows? Maybe… David Stern rigged it! There was a photo floating around last night of Davis from a few weeks back with a New Orleans cap on. Can we just give Chris Paul back to New Orleans now? Conspiracy theorists will have a ball with this one being that Davis changes the entire climate down there in Louisiana … Then there was Brooklyn, who might’ve been the biggest losers last night after their pick – which was only top-3 protected – ended up at No. 6 and went west to Portland. When Wes Matthews realized what was going on, dude looked like he wanted to jump down and kiss that fine ass chick representing the Nets. Congratulations Brooklyn. You got a new arena but lost a lottery pick for Gerald Wallace, and probably won’t get Dwight Howard now … Washington finished with the No. 3 pick, which could yield them Bradley Beal (or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist), who would be absolutely perfect next to John Wall. And Charlotte lost out on a potential franchise player by getting the No. 2 pick. Instead, they’re going to end up with someone like Thomas Robinson. Poor Charlotte. Poor MJ. We literally laughed out loud when we found out they weren’t getting Davis … On Twitter last night, someone directed us to We assumed it was for the sorry ass NBA team. Instead, it was something different. Still are we sure that guy in the video actually doesn’t play for Charlotte? He’d probably start … We’re out like MJ’s Bobcats.

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