Houston Thinks They Have An All-Star; Durant Is Taking Over

By: 08.28.12
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Dorothy Hong)

The Lakers are finally planning to unveil a statue of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar outside Staples Center. So since it’s a 120 percent certainty that Statue Kareem will be taking a sky hook, our question is this: Will they go with completely-bald Kareem, or ‘fro-and-mutton-chop Kareem? … In case you didn’t know why we think so many athletes secretly hate fans, here’s another example: Kobe Bryant recently had to settle a lawsuit brought by a Memphis Grizzlies fan who claimed Kobe assaulted him when Kobe went into the crowd after a loose ball during a 2005 game. The fan in question actually died three years after the incident (not as a result from anything to do with Kobe), but his family was still pursuing the case until now. It’s like getting mad because you got wet when you went outside in the rain. If you sit courtside at an NBA game, you might have a 6-6, 200-pound man land in your lap. That’s the price of not opting for the cheap seats … The Kevin Durant world takeover is in full swing: First basketball, then Hollywood, now music. On the heels of his movie Thunderstruck being released, Durant talked to Washington Post writer Michael Lee about putting out a CD of his own music. “I have some resources and some nice people that’s going to help me out,” KD said. Isn’t it crazy how much things have evolved from the early-90s when Shaq was doing this? Back then it was a huge deal that a BASKETBALL PLAYER was doing MOVIES and MUSIC! Now it’s pretty much part of your rookie contract to do one or the other. One more way that Shaq, in his own underrated style, changed the culture of basketball … It’s gone around the news cycle that Dirk Nowitzki said on Twitter that he’s playing at least two more seasons, and that he won’t jump to a “super team” to win a chip on his way out. Well, Dirk only said, “I bleed blue.” So go ahead and start the rumors: Dirk to the Knicks in 2015 … We’re out like Patrick Sparks …

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