Shaq Knows Which Team Runs New York City; Chris Bosh Now Wants To Play Center In Miami

By: 09.15.12
Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh (photo. David Alvarez)

Remember when Chris Bosh left Toronto and the center job behind at the U.S.-Canada border? A title has helped warm him to the idea of going back to the five at times this season. The Heat were 36-19 last season when Bosh was at power forward and Joel Anthony was at center, and the plus-minus of those were all positive. The lineup Miami used most included that arrangement with a whopping +108, while the second and third most-used lineups — find ’em here — combined barely broke into positive territory. Anthony isn’t The Dream in the low block but it apparently works. … Matt Barnes picked up his belongings from one Staples Center locker room and walked down the hall to join his new club, the Clippers. Barnes played for about half a season with LAC before nine years ago, but what’s notable about this transaction is that it reminds us he’s played for all four California NBA teams in his career. … Elliot Williams, we hardly knew ya. The one-time first round pick from Memphis is going to miss his second full season (out of a possible three) due to injury, this time it being a ruptured left Achilles tendon. Williams showed flashes last season of scoring in bunches that made you want to catch his playing time, limited as it was. Fast recovery E-Will. … Dwyane Wade thinks Miami won an imaginary title last June, too: Best Dressed In The Finals. To Maxim, he said: “We’re way better dressers than they are.” We’re actually a little scared to see Russ Westbrook‘s response. He’s going to break out all the teddy bear shirts and fish hook polos and go crazy now. … Finally we’re written extensively here about this was the summer of the older player in the NBA, but the underrated hero of the summer of 2012 has been Doug Collins. Every interview he’s given he’s been relentlessly upbeat about the state of the Sixers and how much he loved the moves they made while the rest of us are, shall we say, skeptical. This could be the coup de grace of confidence, though: he has “zero concern” with Andrew Bynum‘s maturity issues, he told the Philly Daily News. We’re not hating on Bynum or Collins, we just want this “debate” about who’s better between him and Dwight Howard to actually be something that’s not completely one-sided. Maybe Collins is the guy to get that done. … We’re out like Ivan.

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