The 5 Ways LeBron James Becomes The Best Ever

By: 09.28.12

LeBron James

Miami won a title because you, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh kept the team’s chemistry from blowing up. That pressure is combustive, so congratulations. It was a feat of chemistry even Walter White would have applauded. However, it’s no secret the ring came because you turned Miami from Wade’s team to yours halfway through the second-round series against Indiana. Maybe your teammates already see you as the alpha dog first option and we’re just catching up to Wade riding shotgun, but if the question is asked, go ahead and acknowledge you’re the man in Miami now. Did MJ ever let the Bulls be led by anyone but him? Nope. Admitting it means the criticism and praise gets funneled to you first. Dating back to your time in Cleveland, you were reluctant to accept full blame. Then, in Miami’s first year, it was a honeymoon. Shoulder the responsibility – the hottest crucibles forge the hardest products.

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