NBA Power Rankings: A Top 10 Takes Shape

By: 04.15.13

Stephen Curry

20. Washington Wizards (29-51)
Last week: 20, –
This will be a playoff team next year if they are able to stay healthy. Not a great playoff team, but a playoff team nonetheless.

19. Minnesota Timberwolves (30-50)
Last week: 19, –
Nikola Pekovic bullied Brandon Knight earlier this week. He should pick on someone his own size. Or at least someone that isn’t constantly embarrassed already.

18. Milwaukee Bucks (37-43)
Last week: 17, –
There’s nothing like losses to the Magic and Bobcats to help the Bucks get ready for a first-round matchup with the Heat. I have a feeling that will be a quick series.

17. Dallas Mavericks (40-40)
Last week: 18, –
The playoffs won’t be happening this year for the Mavericks and they need to figure out what their plan is going forward. It seems like goal number one is to land Dwight Howard this offseason.

16. L.A. Lakers (44-37)
Last week: 15, -1
The season-ending injury to Kobe Bryant earlier this week is another unlucky event for a franchise that is so used to everything going their way.

15. Utah Jazz (42-38)
Last week: 14, -1
The injury to Bryant has to have the Jazz much more optimistic about their playoff chances, even if everything has to go right for them the rest of the way. They’re only one and a half games out of the eighth-seed and they hold the tiebreaker over the Lakers.

14. Boston Celtics (41-39)
Last week: 16, +2
They avoided the eighth-seed and a matchup with the Heat. Now we all get to look forward to a Celtics-Knicks first round battle. Rivalries! Cheerios! Yay!

13. Atlanta Hawks (44-36)
Last week: 11, -2
I think that the Nets are a good first-round matchup for the Hawks. Their strength and size will be a challenge for Brooklyn to control.

12. Houston Rockets (45-35)
Last week: 13, +1
The Rockets may want to consider trying to stay in the seventh seed to face the Spurs instead of passing the Warriors and having to deal with the surging Nuggets in the first round.

11. Golden State Warriors (45-35)
Last week: 12, +1
Stephen Curry is not human. This we now know.

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