Happy Birthday, Kendall Marshall! His Top 10 Vine Videos

By: 08.19.13
Kendall Marshall

Kendall Marshall (photo. Instagram/jethrowellington)

Esteemed Phoenix Suns guard Kendall Marshall turns 22 today. Since Marshall is known for his ability to craft some of the funniest Vine videos in the league, we thought it only fair to give you 10 of his best to help celebrate the big day.

Whether he’s handing out awards or posting his own Vines, there is no end to Marshall’s barrage of videos.

Here is one he selected for his top animal Vine:

But let’s get to his own Vine contributions.

*** *** ***

Honorable mentions, since he’s got so many great ones to choose from, we could’t land on just 10:

Bored dancing:

Phoenix Suns video coordinator’s resemblence to Spiderman:

Chillin’ with tigers:

iPhone update:

Click through for his top 10.

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