The 20 Most Unstoppable Players In NBA 2K Video Game History

By: 09.12.13

NBA 2K13
We all know how dominate The King is in real life, but virtual hardwood LeBron in 2K13 was insane. Take his combination of explosive power, fast-break ability, and all his other MVP abilities and bottle them into a video game player. Someone who has never played video games in their life could grab a controller and score 50 with LeBron in 2K13. He was that good. I’m surprised the developers over at 2K didn’t make LeBron an unlockable feature in this game. You could put LBJ on the Bobcats in 2K13 and the Bobcats would be your 2K13 NBA Champions. Down 30, 20, 10 in the fourth? Just give it to LeBron because he couldn’t can’t be stopped going to the rack. King James was unguardable, unstoppable, uneverything in 2K13. Imagine how much better he will be in 2K14?.

Are there any top 10 lists that have to do with basketball that don’t have Shaq on them? One of the most dominant big men to ever play the game, 2K1 was his basketball heaven. He was like a catastrophic earthquake crashing down when he would dunk the ball. Following a campaign that included a NBA championship, NBA Finals MVP and a regular season NBA MVP, how could you not make him absolutely destructive? Imagine trying to make a player coming off a season like that (almost averaged 30 ppg) — it’s impossible to make him not one of the best to ever be in the 2K series. The Big Diesel has been dominating in other games, but 2K1 took the cake.

Again, we couldn’t find any gameplay footage so you’ll have to settle for this. This brings back some memories.

Special shoutout to T-Mac for entering retirement this past offseason. T-Mac, along with AI, are two players that are Hall of Fame worthy, but never were able to eclipse the top of the NBA mountain and win a ring. Even so, I bet you could win more rings than Bill Russell with Tracy McGrady in 2K7. It was easy mode, as easy as slicing a piece of cake. Maybe even easier than eating that cake. McGrady was money and a one-of-a-kind player. It’s a general consensus that he’s one of the best players to ever be in the 2K series: he had a super forgiving release (that culminated in a ridiculously lethal line-drive jumper) and he combined it with obscene hops that the real life T-Mac didn’t really have anymore by 2006. There was a point, and this game was probably it, where he was actually better than Kobe in 2K. Congrats to retirement, T-Mac, and thanks for all the rings I won with you in 2K7.

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