Another Reason It’s Not Easy Being Michael Jordan’s Son

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Marcus Jordan

Mars Blackmon was right: “It’s gotta be the shoes.” And for University of Central Florida freshman Marcus Jordan, wearing his father’s kicks could cost his school $3 million. With an exclusive $3 million, six-year contract with adidas – that requires all coaches and athletes to use the company’s shoes, apparel and game equipment – the other MJ is being forced to trade in the Jumpman for the three stripes.

“When I was being recruited, we talked about it,” Marcus Jordan said. “They said they had talked to the adidas people, and it wasn’t going to be a problem. I think everybody understands how big of a deal it is for my family.

“It’s a level of importance with the Jordan brand and my family,” he said. “It’s no disrespect to adidas. I have a high level of respect for adidas, but I’m going to be wearing Jordan shoes. I’m wearing the adidas uniform, and all my other UCF gear is adidas, but the shoes are going to be Jordan brand.”

Pretty heavy stuff for an 18-year-old freshman who already has the burden of carrying the name “Jordan” on the back of his jersey. While I totally understand that adidas is trying to get their money’s worth in the deal, there has to be room for compromise. And apparently from adidas’ standpoint, that word isn’t in their vocabulary.

“There is no compromise, and the contract is currently under review,” adidas spokeswoman Andrea Corso said. “We are in negotiations for a future relationship regarding the broader UCF athletic program. What I can say is that these relationships are based upon agreed deliverables for both parties.”

How this situation will play out is still up in the air. Both Marcus and the university have a vested interest in getting their way (UCF’s contract with adidas represents about 1.4 percent of the Athletics Association’s projected income this year), so it will be interesting to see the result. For me, it comes down to trust. So much of the recruiting process is trusting what a school tells you, so if UCF promised Marcus he could wear Jordans, then they needs to live up to their promise.

What do you think?

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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