Cavs Owner Rips Media Over LeBron Free Agency Rumors

08.11.08 9 years ago 28 Comments
LeBron JamesLeBron James (photo. Mannion)

The LeBron James-to-New York, LeBron James-to-New Jersey, Lebron James-to-Europe rumors will never go away – at least until he actually signs a new free agent deal in 2010. That’s just the way it is. He’s arguably the biggest name in the basketball universe, he plays in a relatively small market, his team hasn’t done much to improve his supporting cast and when he officially becomes a free agent, every team in the world will want him. There’s not really much anyone can do about it.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert apparently disagrees:

“The reason this thing is where it’s at,” Gilbert said, “is that we’ve got a bunch of bored, East Coast sports writers who have nothing to do because the offseason is a few months away and the Olympics [hadn’t] started yet.

“The undertone to the whole thing that I wonder is, why him?” Gilbert said. “Why not Dwyane Wade? Why not Chris Bosh? Why not whoever else is coming due?

“The only thing you can come up with is there are certain writers, or people who live on the East or West Coast, who think that Cleveland, Ohio, is not a good enough place for a superstar of LeBron’s caliber to spend his career.

As nice as Wade and Bosh are, Gilbert knows very well that they’re different from LeBron. Plus, they’re both on teams that are actively moving to dramatically improve themselves. I’m not saying that the Cavs aren’t working as hard as they can to make something, anything, happen, but the fact remains that they haven’t. As detestable and irritating as the media can be, this sounds like he’s blaming his problems and insecurities on newspaper columnists and bloggers.

And what does it really even matter anyway? Even if the Cavs do pull off some miracle deals to get A-List talent around LeBron and end up winning a title, there will still be rumors going round and columns written about James jumping ship. That’s what the media does. I realize that he’s probably been asked about it every single day for the last few years and that eventually anyone in that situation would eventually snap, but ripping the media just fans the flames.

Source – RealGM

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