Chicago Rules the Red Bull Midnight Run Championship

12.15.12 5 years ago
Red Bull Midnight Run

Red Bull Midnight Run (photo. Steven Counts)

It’s been debated for decades: Which city has the best ball players? Well yesterday, the Red Bull Midnight Run Finals gave us the answer.

In a day full of fun laughs and intense competition, teams from New York, Boston, D.C. and Chicago came together in an attempt to defend their cities’ names. Only one came out on top, and boy was it a sweet victory for them.

Yesterday we gave you a brief summary about what happened in the first two rounds in the tournament, and it couldn’t have ended in more exciting fashion in the wee hours of the night.

Each team got settled in the Shearaton hotel in downtown Brooklyn on Thursday night. Friday morning the players from the four cities woke up, ate breakfast and got prepared for an afternoon practice – you can only imagine the amount of trash talk going on. Each team was more than ready to finally defend their city and back up the trash talk on the court.

Red Bull Midnight Run

Red Bull Midnight Run (photo. Steven Counts)

Once we arrived at Barclays, the players were astounded. They were more than impressed with the new arena and were just enjoying the atmosphere. We walked through the arena and the players became more and more excited to finally pick up some basketballs and get on the NBA floor. The four teams rotated between practicing on the main court, and taking pictures in the auxiliary gym. This was an important time for each team to really develop the chemistry needed to win and get a good feel for each other on the court.
After spending the day with each other, the players became close like an actual team. If you didn’t know better you would think they had been playing together for an entire season.

Once we got back to the hotel we ate dinner and got ready to head back down to the arena for the Nets game. This time, when we arrived at the arena the entire vibe was different. The players (in their specially-made Reebok sweatsuits and Skullcandy headphones) really got an opportunity to take in the entire Barclays Center experience. We enjoyed the first three quarters of the game from the stands before heading down to the auxiliary gym. The players were given their official Reebok game kicks and they all suited up.

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