Chris Bosh torches the Suns, throws himself under the bus

11.18.10 7 years ago 67 Comments

How impressive was Chris Bosh‘s 35-point performance in Miami’s 27-point destruction of the Suns last night? It depends on whom you ask. ESPN play-by-play guy Mark Jones asked, “A defining night for Chris Bosh?” Perhaps. Bosh came out aggressive and was seeking out spots on the floor where he was comfortable. And it does help when you’re playing the Suns, whose interior defenders make Bosh look like the Old Spice Guy … But then we got this gem from Bosh after the game: “(Erik Spoelstra) knows he has to meet us halfway. He wants to work, we want to chill, but we’re gonna have to work to get everything down.” Is Bosh actively trying to be a villain now? He’s smart enough to know everybody was going to take that quote the wrong way — cue the “Michael Jordan never wanted to chill” and “What would Kobe do?” criticism — even though there is some truth to what he said, even for the most fierce competitors. Seriously, watch any show like “Inside the NFL” and see what happens when the coach gives his guys an unexpected day off; they all cheer and celebrate. Still, you just can’t say that when the spotlight is on you … Crazy finish in the Big Easy. With under a minute to go, the Hornets were up two on Dallas with Peja Stojakovic at the line. Game over, right? Except Peja missed one of the free throws. So now up by three, the Hornets put Trevor Ariza on Dirk Nowitzki — who’d been bottled up by Marco Belinelli on the previous possession — and Dirk blew right past him for a layup. Jason Kidd then stole the ensuing inbound pass, setting up another chance for the visitors. Dirk of course got the rock, but he tried to lose David West with a behind-the-back dribble and got ripped. West split the free throws, putting Dallas down two. With no timeouts, Tyson Chandler tried the touchdown toss (which never works unless you’re Grant Hill) and West intercepted it, securing the Hornets’ win … God really must not care about sports. If he did, Barry Sanders would’ve never quit at the top of his game, women’s volleyball would be televised regularly, and Greg Oden would not be staring at yet another major knee surgery. Forget being an All-Star or the next Bill Russell or whatever at this point – do you think Oden will ever be a solid starter in the League for an entire season? … Tony Parker could be thankful or extra pissed off that Eva Longoria filed for divorce yesterday. On one hand, Tony did NOT need a road game to coincide with the news, especially a road game in front of a classy crowd like Boston. On the other hand, he did have a national TV game, creating an awkward situation where the ESPN crew didn’t seem to know when or if they should mention the D-word … Parker didn’t seem bothered one way or the other against the Bulls, dropping 21 points and 7 assists in a big comeback win. San Antonio was down 10 at halftime, then the next thing you knew, they were up by 15 in the third quarter … It still cracks us up how the Spurs’ in-house DJ plays DJ Khaled‘s “All I Do is Win” as the final seconds are ticking down in a win. How many people in the San Antonio crowd even know that song? That’s like playing “B.M.F.” in Utah … The John Wall/Rajon Rondo matchup was put on hold until Wall gets out of the walking boot, which instead made the big story of Celtics/Wizards the return of Delonte West. El Mariachi had 12 points off the bench in a Boston blowout win … It would take a pretty beastly performance to overshadow a 26-point, 17-board stat line by Blake Griffin that included a widow-maker dunk on Anthony Tolliver, and Michael Beasley was up to the task. B-Easy dropped 33 points and hit the game-winning jumper from two seconds left to lead Minnesota past the Clippers … Other notables from Wednesday night: Andrea Bargnani scored 30 in Toronto’s win at Philly; Kobe had 33 points as the Lakers rolled in Detroit; the Jazz got 19 and 15 rebounds from Paul Millsap in a win over the Nets; Russell Westbrook went for 21 points and 12 assists in OKC ran Houston; and Amar’e Stoudemire gave the Kings 27 and 10 as the Knicks finally snapped their six-game losing streak … We’re out like Eva …

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