Dwyane Wade’s Top 5 Jordan Brand Commercials

10.02.12 5 years ago
Dwyane Wade Jordan Brand

With the news that Dwyane Wade and Jordan Brand have ended their partnership, it’s time to remember their three-year run. It wasn’t all about the Fly Wade’s, however; the ads Wade appeared in were as memorable as any player’s in the last few years. Hit the jump to check out my favorite five.

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The sequel to Wade’s first “Dominate” spot shows Kevin Hart‘s “H” being the least helpful spy assistant the world has ever known as Wade escapes ninjas, throwing stars and an evil-multiethnic villain all to get to practice on time. (This probably didn’t make Allen Iverson’s top ads list) Even though Jordan and Wade have split, the ad is timeless when you consider it could be a metaphor for Mario Chalmers and Wade’s relationship last season in the playoffs.

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