Is This Insane LED-Riddled Court The Future Of Basketball?

We’ve seen some NBA franchises do some really cool things with 3D on court projections for their pregame introductions. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers are among some of the teams who have toyed around with on-court projections, and for the most part they’ve looked pretty damn cool.

However, a pro basketball league in Japan has taken things a step further. Instead of projecting onto the court from above, the court itself is made from a series of LED light panels that react to what’s going on during gameplay, making real life look a little bit more like a video game instead of video games looking more and more like real life. Check out how this court displays three-pointers.

During Kobe Bryant’s 2014 summer trip to China, Nike created an LED panel court for its lavish ‘House of Mamba.’ The court there was used for training purposes. It essentially gave players directions when sliding defensively, specific areas for players to spot-up during shooting drills and included an on-floor clock so participants could see how much time they had left to complete tasks.

While the House of Mamba court may have preceded the Japanese league’s LED panel court, this is the first time this kind of court is being used for a professional sports league.

While it’s hard to imagine these LED courts finding their way into the NBA, it’s still fascinating to see how the same game can be played in a completely different way with a few minor tweaks.

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