Kevin Garnett Will Retire As A Celtic; The 1 Thing Tyreke Evans Must Do To Stay With The Kings

By: 09.10.12
Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett (Photo. Gary Land)

We’re not sure if we’ve ever seen so many old stars stay relevant past their primes. Steve Nash is seriously better at 38 than he was at 28. Tim Duncan is still reliable, and still consistently averages 15 and nine. Nas and Jay-Z haven’t fell off yet, and are somehow still popular in this age of terrible dances and forgettable rappers. And even Kobe Bryant is sort of like the Darth Vader of the NBA. Basically, the history books are being re-written before our eyes, and old records are dropping off faster than Green Bay’s bandwagon. Kevin Garnett could be the best example of all (outside of Jennifer Aniston). Remember after he tweaked his knee on an alley-oop in 2009 in Utah and then proceeded to miss Boston’s playoff run before quietly looking washed-up the following season? Since then, he’s slowly improved, gotten his second jump back, and now looks like he’ll play three more years. If KG has his way, he’ll play out the three-year deal he signed with the Celtics this summer, and then retire in green and white. Translated by, Garnett recently told a Chinese website during a tour for the shoe company Anta that he will retire as a Celtic “for sure.” By that time, he could be 39 years old, and probably won’t find himself on this list anymore even though he’s still the identity and muscle for one of the best teams in the NBA. However, three years is a LONG time. We’re not exactly celebrated guests in the Boston war room, but if we are KG, we would still keep an eye out. Danny Ainge is not the most loyal personnel man in the game, and if given the opportunity, he’ll turn around, send Garnett packing for the right group of assets, and then lock all his doors so KG doesn’t come beat his ass … Blake Griffin is 13 years younger than Garnett, but even he recently thought about taking Grant Hill‘s advice on returning from knee surgery slowly. So much for that. Quake took some time out to crown one of Oklahoma’s players with a disgusting facial. How many Clipper fans were holding their breath during that video? … The New York Daily News is reporting Patrick Ewing turned down an opportunity to be the head coach of the Knicks’ D-League team because he wants to have a job in the NBA. He’s been waiting on that call for about five years now … And with the NFL making its long awaited return after the offseason, we wrote yesterday on the 10 NBA players we think would have the best chance to make it in football. Nate Robinson read it, and got pissed at us on Twitter that he wasn’t ranked No. 1 … Keep reading to hear about the latest news revolving around Tyreke Evans’ future in Sacramento …

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