Kristaps Porzingis Got A Revenge Rejection On The Knicks Kid Who Cried On Draft Night

By: 09.20.16

Dream of a lifetime playing against my idol @kporzee

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Kristaps Porzingis has seen his stock soar so high so fast that it can be hard to remember that Knicks fans were (foolishly) upset when he was drafted fourth overall in 2015. However, back on the night of the NBA Draft, fans were not happy with Phil Jackson and company. One fan, in particularly, became a bit of a meme. We speak, of course, of the kid who was in tears after the 7-foot-3 Latvian was selected. Now, Porzingis has had his revenge on the court.

To be fair, the kid, named Jordan, seems to have turned around his opinion on Porzingis which, you know, duh. KP is awesome and a future cornerstone of the Knicks. Upon meeting Jordan in January, Porzingis said that he acted like his “No. 1 fan.” However, that doesn’t mean Porzingis took it easy on Jordan when the two recently took the court together.

Porzingis and Jordan played a little one-on-one earlier this week. Now, it has become pretty common for these grown professional athletes to not take it easy on kids in games like this, and Porzingis played things no differently. On Jordan’s first drive attempt, KP blocked his shot, but he didn’t do it with force. The second time, though, Porzingis swatted it with authority. Perhaps that will teach the kid to cry about the Knicks’ draft picks. Save the crying for their consistent inability to make the playoffs.

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