LeBron James Can Train On An Anti-Gravity Treadmill Too

08.23.13 4 years ago

Despite today being Kobe Bryant‘s birthday, LeBron James posted a familiar looking IG video that shows him copying the Mamba by running on an anti-gravity treadmill.

James has been training hard for next season, and this is just more evidence. It’s become a bit of a trend, NBA players showing off their off-season workouts on IG, almost like they’re trying to prove to teammates and rivals that they’ll do anything to get ready for next season. Gone are the days of guys coming into camp out-of-shape (though we’ve got our eye on you Boris Diaw). The NBA is a year-long endeavor and guys are taking that as a cue to never stop grinding.

Whether this a direct result of Kobe’s own anti-gravity IG post earlier this week, or just LeBron trying new conditioning strategies, is anybody’s guess. But we’re hoping it’s an homage to Kobe on his birthday.

What we do know, based off the evidence on James’ IG account, is that recent Heat signee Greg Oden is also training for next season down in Miami. Judging by the amount of perspiration on his shirt, he’s going at it hard, too.

Man, the 2013-14 NBA season can’t get here fast enough.

[h/t: Hang Time Blog]

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