The Orlando Magic’s New Alternate Jerseys Received A Good Old-Fashioned Twitter Roast

08.09.16 7 months ago 2 Comments

The Orlando Magic, once owners of one of the NBA’s dopest uniforms, are trying to right their sartorial ship. The history of their insignia will convey a quick lesson: They’ve got a lot of ground to make up after ditching those ’90’s classics and embracing an increasingly bland set of court clothing.

Their newest jersey does little to shake the program their brand is currently riding, but it’s certainly not as offensive as their current grey jerseys. The “Stars” jersey, as this latest make is called, bumps the front-facing player number into a small, high corner and features a basketball aflame with mysterious wizardry — the kind the Magic, who haven’t made the playoffs in several years, wish they actually had — and it has no mention of the team’s name or city on the front. The jersey is…fine.

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