Mavs drop video-game numbers on Jazz; Wade dominates another day

12.12.10 7 years ago 58 Comments

Jason Terry (photo. Dallas Morning News)

If Jazz/Mavs had been played on Xbox Live, Jerry Sloan would have shut the game off midway through the first quarter and switched to Madden. Running an absolute clinic in offensive execution and shooting, the Mavs were up 26-4 after six minutes, getting (and making) whatever shots they wanted while the Jazz were getting 24-second violations and bricking point-blank looks … But that was right around the time Deron Williams said “F*** this,” scrapped the whole “distributor” thing and went into get-buckets mode. Slowly chipping away at the lead, D-Will (34 pts) eventually tied the score with 4:30 left in the fourth quarter after he busted Jason Kidd‘s ankles and shins with a crossover and got an and-one layup that fouled Tyson Chandler out … It looked like Dallas (14-26 from three) was officially falling apart when Dirk Nowitzki stepped over the line before making the inbounds pass to gave the ball right back to the Jazz, but Utah couldn’t capitalize. Dirk (31 pts, 10-12 FG, 15 rebs) gave Dallas the lead back with two free throws, then Jason Terry and Ronnie Price traded jumpers for a minute before Dirk stretched the lead to four with a spinning layup and-one. (“I think Superman lives in Dallas, not Orlando,” said one Utah announcer.) Down two with under 30 seconds to go, Utah chose not to foul, and Dirk found Terry (14 pts) in the corner for the dagger three … Play of the night: First quarter, Dirk went up for a straightaway three, changed his mind in mid-air and whipped a fastball to Shawn Marion on the left block, then Marion flipped an alley-oop at eye-level across the lane to J-Kidd, who tossed in a circus layup while being fouled just before the buzzer. Hard to describe, but you’ll see it on Steve Smith‘s “Top Plays Under the Rim” soon enough … Toronto’s “defense” makes everybody look good. Pistons/Raptors could have been defined by T-Mac unleashing double-clutch dunks, 5-foot-Nothing Will Bynum boldly going into the lane and cramming on dinosaurs, and Ben Wallace — who would have a hard time scoring in NBA Jam — dropping 23 points. (No coincidence that Ben had 9 offensive boards and 10 made field goals.) But in launching a comeback from a 25-point deficit, the Raps actually got some stops …

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