Michael Jordan Advises Chicago, Derrick Rose; Andrew Bynum To Have Experimental Knee Surgery

08.13.12 5 years ago
Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

Nearly 30 years ago, Michael Jordan came back too soon from the only major injury of his career, and even today, Bulls’ chairman Jerry Reinsdorf counts his fortunes every night before he goes to sleep. Okay, he probably doesn’t do that. The man has buckets of money. He sleeps fine at night. But he still says the team listened too much to Michael about his body, and ended up taking a risk by bringing him back before the doctors said he was ready. Jordan had missed 64 games with a broken left foot before coming back to finish the season. The ruthless assassin in him told everyone he was indestructible, and could play even when a few doctors weren’t so sure. Thankfully, MJ knew more about his body than everyone else. Back then, Jordan didn’t want to hear anything. He was playing, and that was that. But now that he has a different perspective on the game, he admits his stance has changed somewhat. Take Derrick Rose. Reinsdorf said on WMVP’s “Talking Baseball” the Bulls point guard can forget about stepping onto the court until he is fully healthy from his knee injury. Jordan actually backs him somewhat, but still cautions not all players are the same, and a few (like himself) shouldn’t have their opinion taken for granted. If Rose believes he’s ready at some point next year, Jordan says, then Chicago’s brass should follow, and allow him to play … ESPN Dallas tweeted yesterday that Stan Van Gundy told them he blames the Magic’s front office and not Dwight Howard for how everything went down in Orlando. Huh? We never thought we’d hear a Van Gundy backing Howard, especially after the big man tried to get rid of Stan last season. Is he playing the P.C. card? Most definitely. But for what reasons? … A little offseason news: Carlos Delfino finally has a team, signing with Houston on a one-year deal with a team option on the second year, reports Jonathan Feigan … We hope you saw Jason Terry‘s newest ink. He’s quickly closing in on such tattoo Hall of Famers like J.R. Smith, Chris Andersen and Cherokee Parks … And speaking of the Birdman, ESPNNewYork.com reports a few teams are indeed interested in him. Despite the off court issues he’s having – what is going on with that by the way? We haven’t heard a thing in weeks. It’s like the issue dropped off the map – there are teams offering between $1.2 million and $5 million. Hopefully he hooks on somewhere. League Pass won’t be the same without him … Keep reading to hear what surgery Andrew Bynum is going to get …

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