Steve Nash Says Dwight Howard “Never Wanted To Be a Laker” & Shaq Wants Him In “F—k Shaq” Mode

07.10.13 4 years ago
Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal (photo. Reebok)

The Dwight Howard exodus from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood has sent shockwaves around the league because no one leaves the Lakers. But now Dwight’s former teammate, Steve Nash, and Big Man doppelgänger, Shaquille O’Neal, have sounded off, and in the latter star’s case, it’s just part of his Dwight project.

Last night, Steve Nash made an appearance on the “The Mason & Ireland Show” on ESPN 710 LA. During the interview, Nash opened up about the push to have Dwight return to the Lakers. In the end, last season’s “disaster” led Nash to believe that Dwight never wanted to be a Laker in the first place.

Dave McMenamin of posted most of what Nash said about Dwight after the show last night:

Ultimately, I think Dwight wasn’t comfortable here and didn’t want to be here and I think if he didn’t want to be here, there’s no point for anyone in him being here. So, we wish him the best and move on.

Nash continued while mentioning the Tuesday night meeting he participated in with Kobe Bryant, Mike D’Antoni, and other Lakers brass in an attempt to sooth Dwight’s anxiety about last season in the hopes that he’d return by accepting their max deal contract.

Frankly, I thought before the meeting, we didn’t really have a chance and I’d like to think that after the meeting we had a chance.
Dwight had some issues with the season. I think it kind of basically goes with what he said to the media that he never quite felt embraced in L.A. He never quite felt supported. That’s basically it. I think in some ways you can read into that what you will, but I think he never quite felt comfortable at home and I don’t know if that’s anybody’s fault.

When the question of Dwight came up while we were talking to Shaq at Rucker Park for a special celebration about the re-release of his iconic Reebok Shaqnosis, Shaq didn’t hold back, either.

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